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Call us on: 01423 637 172

Turning Back the Clock On Ageing

November 2, 2020

At the Harrogate Clinic, we believe that its always the right time to start to give your skin a helping hand, whether it is simply looking after your skin and putting together a good skincare regime using the best skin health products such as ZO skin health creams or actually starting to help reverse the ageing process by having anti-ageing treatments such as injections and fillers.

Prevention Is the Intention

As ageing is a natural process it is inevitable that we will all suffer from lines and wrinkles and its really important to look after your skin and invest in restorative treatments such as Pro facial regularly as that helps hydrate the skin and deeply, cleanses and exfoliates the skin. It is also important to nip wrinkles in the bud and keep on top of them.

Applying shop-bought creams is not always the best practice as they can contain harsh chemicals that can contribute to the ageing process.

Our antiaging Injections are carried out by leading industry experts and medical Doctors and GPS, it is so important to research your doctor before going ahead with any invasive treatment. We use only the best fillers and injectables to ensure we achieve the best outcome and long-lasting results.

We also offer non-surgical alternatives to facial surgery such as the ever-popular thread lift, this is the perfect alternative to a facelift and achieves the most amazing results without the recovery time or need for anaesthetic. Another procedure that is extremely popular is the non-surgical nose job, using filler injected into the nose to help fill out any imperfections.

If you suffer from deep frown lines or facial wrinkles, then our antiaging injections work to fill out the lines leaving you with smooth line-free skin.

If you suffer from dark circles under the eyes, then the tear trough filler is the answer filling your under-eye area making the dark circles disappear.

Seek Advise & Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Lip Enhancement is extremely popular now and we are seeing an increased amount of people that have naturally small lips or non-symmetrical lips coming to us to help make their lips a more even or fuller.

With any Aesthetic treatment, it is important to meet your Doctor and discuss your requirement and the desired outcome you are looking to achieve, that is why at the Harrogate Clinic we offer free Aesthetic Consultations to get to know you and the desired look you are wanting to achieve, some people want a very subtle change and others want a more dramatic look.

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  • Cosmetic

    I visited the Harrogate clinic for anti wrinkle injections as I had really bad frown lines that were making me very Self conscious, I had never had anything like this before, however I am over the moon with the results I look so much younger and my skin is glowing

    Jayne - Harrogate

  • Dentistry

    My teeth were looking a little dull and in need of a really good clean and polish so I booked the Hollywood package and I was so happy with how clean my teeth were and Dr. Ghasmi was wonderful

    Anne - Wetherby

  • Dental Treatment

    Our whole family visits The Harrogate Clinic for our regular dental care. Dr Shoreh has a unique way of making my young children feel very calm for their check-ups. I would highly recommend The Harrogate Clinic for their outstanding service and attential to detail. Thank you x

    Janet - Harrogate