Call us on: 01423 637 172

Call us on: 01423 637 172

Dental Services

The Harrogate Dentist offer general dental services in order to help keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. We always start with a thorough examination and conduct x-rays to detect any areas of concern that we will always discuss with you. If necessary, the dentist will perform any fillings, inlays, crowns or bridges.

Discover a wide range of advanced dental treatments at The Harrogate Clinic's General Dentistry section, ensuring optimal oral health and radiant smiles for all patients.

Dental Pricelist

Please bear in mind that these prices are for guidance only. We understand that every patient is different therefore we don’t like to rush. Each patient at The Harrogate Dentist receives a VIP treatment tailored to their needs and preferences.
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  • ‘Enlightening’ Your Smile at The Harrogate Dentist
  • Dental Implants

Natural Dentures

We were delighted to have an international patient join us in the clinic! This wonderful gentleman travelled to the Harrogate Dentist to see Dr Ghasmi after she had been recommended to him. He opted for a natural looking denture to match the rest of his teeth. We were delighted he chose us. Come and visit us to see for yourself.

Dental Hygiene

To maintain good oral hygiene, it is advised to visit a dental hygienist every 6 months (every 3 months if you have implants). At The Harrogate Dentist we use only the best quality materials. Your dental hygiene appointment will include scaling and three paste polishes, stain and calculus removal.

Root Canal

Root Canal or Endodontic treatment of the tooth root that has been infected or inflamed. It is necessary to prevent the infection developing into bone inflammation and/or needing to remove the whole tooth. The most common reason for Root Canal is tooth decay or trauma from a poorly fitted filling or crown. Here at The Harrogate Dentist we always try to do everything possible to save the tooth before resorting to a Root Canal. The local anaesthesia is used so the procedure should feel just like having a filling.

Nervous Patients

Many people are put off dental treatments due to anxiety, unpleasant past experience or even the embarrassment about your teeth and mouth. Do not worry, here at The Harrogate Dentist we listen to any concerns and fears you may have and spend as much time as necessary to ensure that the treatment is pain free and comfortable. Do not let your fears put you off dental treatments. Please give us a call and we will talk through all the options to keep your mind at ease.


In these unprecedented times we are working as hard as we can to help people.

At the moment we are noticing a huge increase in clients NOT TURNING UP for their appointments or cancelling 10 minutes prior to their appointment.

Firstly, this is not fair on other patients who may not have been able to get an appointment. But secondly, it means that we have a full team of staff that have made a concerted effort to come to work on your behalf. We then have to pay our staff and if you cancel 10 minutes before, we have no way of finding another patient for the next several hours.

Because of this, we are now implementing a 48 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY. This means that any appointment cancelled less than 48 hours prior to your appointment will be charged the full amount of the work that they were expected to receive.

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It's great to get feedback from our clients. Thank you.
  • Cosmetic

    I visited the Harrogate clinic for anti wrinkle injections as I had really bad frown lines that were making me very Self conscious, I had never had anything like this before, however I am over the moon with the results I look so much younger and my skin is glowing

    Jayne - Harrogate

  • Dentistry

    My teeth were looking a little dull and in need of a really good clean and polish so I booked the Hollywood package and I was so happy with how clean my teeth were and Dr. Ghasmi was wonderful

    Anne - Wetherby

  • Dental Treatment

    Our whole family visits The Harrogate Clinic for our regular dental care. Dr Shoreh has a unique way of making my young children feel very calm for their check-ups. I would highly recommend The Harrogate Clinic for their outstanding service and attential to detail. Thank you x

    Janet - Harrogate