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Is Your Child Receiving the Best Possible Dental Care?

June 12, 2020

A Healthy Smile that Will Last a Lifetime?

Our formative childhood years can have a huge influence on our dental health and hygiene over the long term. The way we are taught to look after our teeth in our early years, and the quality of our dental care can set a precedent for our long-term dental health.

Early childhood is the most crucial time for the development of teeth – any problems need to be quickly identified and resolved to ensure children develop a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. Whilst crooked, unhealthy teeth can be the result of genetic predisposition, they most frequently materialise due to poor habits of oral care. It is therefore vital to develop good personal dental hygiene practices at an early age.

Avoiding Dental Phobia

Unfortunately, odontophobia (dental phobia) is one of the most common phobias experienced by adults in the UK, and it often stems from negative childhood experiences. Whilst odontophobia affects sufferers to varying degrees, it often leads people to delay receiving treatment, or avoiding check-ups. Over the long term, this can have a hugely detrimental effect on long-term dental health and hygiene, which in turn can negatively affect a person’s overall health and wellbeing.

Therefore, it is vital to develop a positive association with dental care from an early age. This means parents need to ensure good dental hygiene practices are being followed at home, and that they choose the right dental practice for their children. Ultimately, you need a caring dentist who can adapt their services with every individual patient’s needs in mind.

Gentle, Friendly Dental Services in a Caring Atmosphere

The Harrogate Dentist is a specialist provider of family dentistry; we offer gentle, friendly dental services in a caring atmosphere.

No matter the age of our patients, there is no rush during treatments or check-ups. However, Dr Ghasmi takes a little extra time with her young patients to ensure they feel completely at ease in the dentist’s chair, and that a comprehensive check-up can take place. She ensures all children understand how to look after their teeth properly, and the importance of good dental hygiene practices.

Dr Ghasmi’s warm, kind nature makes visits to The Harrogate Dentist fun – people of all ages naturally trust her and know that there is nothing to be scared of – you are in safe hands!

The Harrogate Dentist – The Best Dental Care for Your Child

We are a provider of comprehensive Paediatric Dental Care, and ensure this is carried through at home through thorough patient education.

So, whether your child is a new-born, toddler, young child, ‘tween’, or teen, they will receive the best possible dental care at The Harrogate Dentist.

By making a visit to the dentist a truly comfortable, pleasant experience, check-ups and procedures are normalised from an early age. This ensures a positive association with dental care carries through throughout adulthood.

Ultimately, the importance of good dental hygiene habits cannot be underestimated; it is therefore vital to ensure your child receives the best possible dental care from an early age.

When Should My Child Visit the Dentist for the First Time?

A child should visit the dentist within six months after the eruption of their first tooth, and later than their first birthday.

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    I visited the Harrogate clinic for anti wrinkle injections as I had really bad frown lines that were making me very Self conscious, I had never had anything like this before, however I am over the moon with the results I look so much younger and my skin is glowing

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    My teeth were looking a little dull and in need of a really good clean and polish so I booked the Hollywood package and I was so happy with how clean my teeth were and Dr. Ghasmi was wonderful

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    Our whole family visits The Harrogate Clinic for our regular dental care. Dr Shoreh has a unique way of making my young children feel very calm for their check-ups. I would highly recommend The Harrogate Clinic for their outstanding service and attential to detail. Thank you x

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