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Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin with The Most Advanced Hair Removal Treatment!

June 12, 2020

Everyone wants to be comfortable in their own skin. But if hair-free, silky-smooth skin is what you desire, is shaving and waxing really the best option for you?

Removing unwanted body and facial hair is a constant battle; for completely smooth legs, you may need to shave or wax your skin every one to three days.

Hair removal can also be uncomfortable – and even painful; if shaving, it is easy to cut or nick your skin in the process.

Additionally, manual hair removal can be expensive, particularly if you regularly have hair professionally removed. If you remove your body hair at home, think about the cumulative cost of razors and waxing strips over the years!

If you are tired of having to manually remove your hair for beautifully smooth skin, professional laser hair removal may be the perfect solution.

But what makes our Elysion treatment different to conventional laser hair-removal systems?

Elysion: Fast, Painless and Permanent Hair Removal

Elysion hair removal treatments use a high-powered diode laser to destroy each hair follicle. Although the use of laser technology is nothing new in permanent hair removal technology, Elysion is unique in that it safely delivers enough energy to the skin to completely destroy hair follicles; this prevents regrowth. Not only does this improves results, but it also speeds up the process, meaning fewer treatments are required.

How do Elysion Treatments Work?

Elysion uses a high-power diode to deliver a certain wavelength of light to the skin. This light is absorbed by melanin – a dark pigment in the skin, which surrounds each hair follicle; the heat from the laser is conducted via the melanin to the base of the hair follicle, disabling hair growth.

How does Elysion Safely Deliver the Laser?

Elysion treatments use a patented ‘Crystal Freeze’ system to cool the skin; this enables a high-powered laser to be used with no discomfort or damage to the skin.

Is My Skin Suitable for Elysion treatment?

The treatment is suitable for all skin types. However, damaged skin should not be treated; your practitioner will make the necessary checks to ensure your safety and comfort.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments required to completely remove hair varies from person to person. There are three phases of hair growth, which means the laser can only treat one phase of growth at a time. Given the advanced technology within Elysion, maximum results can be achieved in just six courses of treatment. However, those with hormonal changes may require further sessions. There are usually around eight weeks between treatments.

Why Choose Elysion?

Ultimately, Elysion hair-removal treatments are unique in that they allow very high energy to be delivered directly to the hair follicle without damage to the skin. This is only possible because of the unique ‘Crystal Freeze’ cooling system which prevents burning. As a result, other hair removal treatments use much lower-powered lasers which deliver less-effective results.

At The Harrogate Dentist and Cosmetic Surgery, we believe in giving our customers access to the best available treatments using industry-leading technology. By using our Elysion treatment, our customers can enjoy fast, effective and permanent hair removal without discomfort and pain.

So, for the best available permanent solution to unwanted hair, look no further; book a consultation at The Harrogate Dentist and Cosmetic Surgery today!

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