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Cosmetic Dentistry

June 22, 2020

Your Smile: A Reflection of Your Soul

Your smile is unique. It is the first thing that many people notice about you – before you even have the chance to utter a word. It helps you to define your identity, and can effortlessly communicate your emotions. For this reason, your smile is a reflection of your soul.

A strong, healthy smile is a show of confidence and self-assurance; first impressions count!

But what if you are less than happy with your smile? Many people feel embarrassed by their less- than-perfect teeth, and are reluctant to show them off. The effects of being unsatisfied with your own smile can have many detrimental knock-on effects.

Self-consciousness can be incredibly destructive, and if the root cause of the problem is not addressed, it can lead to lowered self-esteem and even mental health problems. The wider implications of this can lead to people missing out on opportunities in both their personal and working lives.

At The Harrogate Dentist, our pioneering cosmetic dentistry treatments allow our patients to have confidence in their smile – and – in turn – greater confidence in themselves.

What Cosmetic Dental Treatments are Available?

We offer a full range of the world’s leading restorative and corrective cosmetic dentistry treatments. Our service is completely tailored to the individual; we will spend the time to find the best possible solution for your needs:

  • Invisalign ® Teeth Straightening– Having well-aligned teeth allows for an improved bite and easier dental maintenance. However, many people feel uncomfortable at the prospect of wearing metal braces in order to achieve this. We are therefore pleased to offer a solution that is both discreet and comfortable, with Invisalign’s almost invisible braces.
  • Enlighten Teeth Whitening– As an ‘Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence’, we are proud to offer our customers an easy way to get perfectly white teeth. Throughout the course of your treatment, your teeth can be whitened up to 16 shades (up to B1).
  • Dental Implants – The only permanent solution for missing teeth, dental implants are installed under local anaesthetic. Dental implants also help to improve the longevity of existing teeth.
  • Porcelain Veneers – Veneers are used to cover the front of teeth and improve their appearance. At The Harrogate Dentist, we use custom-made porcelain veneers due to their high-levels of durability.

Your Wellbeing and Satisfaction: Our Priority

Across our entire range of services at The Harrogate Dentist, we are proud to offer the very best care and treatments to our patients. But we also believe in making our services affordable and accessible too.

During your time with us, your health and comfort is our absolute priority. Some people delay – or even completely avoid any form of dental treatment due to their deep-rooted fears or anxieties; Dentophobia is an incredibly common problem, with roughly 12% of people suffering from extreme dental anxiety.

However, at The Harrogate Dentist, we have created an atmosphere of pure relaxation and tranquility; throughout your entire experience we promise you can leave any worries and trepidations at the door. Every element of the experience is carefully considered to curate a feeling of calm and wellbeing.

Wear the Smile of Your Dreams

Whichever cosmetic dental treatment you require, we promise to give you the opportunity to wear a winning smile.

Confidence in your teeth can help to transform your life – increasing your self-esteem and happiness and opening the door of opportunity.

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  • Cosmetic

    I visited the Harrogate clinic for anti wrinkle injections as I had really bad frown lines that were making me very Self conscious, I had never had anything like this before, however I am over the moon with the results I look so much younger and my skin is glowing

    Jayne - Harrogate

  • Dentistry

    My teeth were looking a little dull and in need of a really good clean and polish so I booked the Hollywood package and I was so happy with how clean my teeth were and Dr. Ghasmi was wonderful

    Anne - Wetherby

  • Dental Treatment

    Our whole family visits The Harrogate Clinic for our regular dental care. Dr Shoreh has a unique way of making my young children feel very calm for their check-ups. I would highly recommend The Harrogate Clinic for their outstanding service and attential to detail. Thank you x

    Janet - Harrogate