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Call us on: 01423 637 172

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Covid-19 PCR Swabs and Fit to fly Certificates

Travel restrictions are changing all the time during the covid pandemic.

Most travel destinations now require a clear COVID 19 test in order for you to travel.

Here at the Harrogate Clinic we are pleased to offer a PCR COVID19 & Fit to Fly Test, which makes the testing process easier.
This simple in house test, the tests need to be taken three and five days before the flight departure. The price includes a copy of your test results. If you need an additional doctors note this is available if booked in advance, at an additional cost. Your test result will allow you to make the correct decision about self isolation to protect everyone.

Fit to fly certificates

The Harrogate Clinic’s COVID19 PCR BORDER ENTRY TEST KIT & Fit to Fly Test is a simple test kit to obtain a swab sample which is then analysed in the lab.

This test will confirm whether you are currently infected with the COVID 19 virus.

Please check which date you need to Come and take your test to meet your particular Travel requirements, this will vary from country to country.

£160 per person

Covid PCR swab testing

We are now able to offer sample collection using a saliva test, making the self-testing process easier.

The PCR test looks for the presence of the covid-19 virus on a sample of saliva specimen, it is very accurate and will be able to confirm whether anyone with symptoms is actively infected with the virus. Your PCR test result will allow you to make correct decisions about self-isolating to protect yourself or others.

£150 per person

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    Our whole family visits The Harrogate Clinic for our regular dental care. Dr Shoreh has a unique way of making my young children feel very calm for their check-ups. I would highly recommend The Harrogate Clinic for their outstanding service and attential to detail. Thank you x

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